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Curtis –

Victim Location 92657

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Call from county court server to contact Emily Griffin (833-725-7363) for out of court settlement Wells Fargo breach of contract overdue acct 2008 ((found out later my wife paid it off already) doesn’t appear on my credit report)) called Griffin but let me talked to a guy name David Stewart or steward mean aggressive threatening guy we have argument over phone but left s number to call if i change my mind (713-087-3492)

Shawna –

Victim Location 80487

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Waa contacted via phone call from a restricted number. A woman claiming to be a representative of the current county in colorado which I reside in stated that she was going to serve me legal papers either at my residency or employment. She stated if I had additional questions or concerns to call a number (not the one listed when writing this report).

I had called the number freaking out as I have never been in trouble with the law before. My phone call went to a voicemail box of George Maron. I left a message and then called back 10 minutes late due to my anxiety at this time. He answered and I have him the case number that was left on my phone voicemail.

He verified my name and last four of my social security number (which I stupidly agreed to) and stated I had a checking account with wells fargo that I had back in August 2007. (The thing was I actually had a checking account with wells fargo but had opened it in may of 2007). The supposed account had a overdrawn amount of 174$ which over the past 10 years had accumulated over 1188.63$.

The guy stated I needed to pay the full amount now or that wells fargo was going to sue me for triple the amount of up to 5000$.

I had told him I would need to transfer from my savings account in order to pay them off now as I did not want to get arrested. He stated that he needed to speak with his boss and put me on hold. A few minutes later he came back on and said they could offer me a 10% discount if i were able to pay it right away.

I told him I couldn’t and would have to wait until tomorrow. He stated they would withdraw the full amount the next morning, and I stupidly have him my debit card number and billing address.

After that he said he would send a notice to my email stating what I owed. I thought nothing of it for a while. After talking with a few people and looking on the bbb website i had realized that this was a scam. I immediately called the 1800 number on the back of my debit card (since my bank is small no one was there 24/7) and reported it stolen so at least they couldn’t charge my card. By the grace of god my card was flagged and they were not able to take any money out of my checking.

I filed a police report and got a new debit card issued from my bank account. He called this morning stating they would run the charge for what we had talked about the day before (unbeknownst to him I found out about the scam) and that if I didn’t pay they would pursue legal action.

As of now I haven’t heard or seen the supposed persons who was going to serve me papers.

Please be careful with this guy, he is slick and knows alot of information about you. I am normally diligent about scams but I almost got burned real bad.



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