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Amber – Jun 10, 2020

Victim Location 91706

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was interested in purchasing a Corgi puppy on this website. Our contact was through email and the beginning emails were all well written and formatted. I eventually agreed to purchase a puppy. The "breeder" sent me the transfer of ownership papers and bill of sale. I made the payment through Quickpay with Zelle through Chase. I was told the puppy would be delivered on Monday, which is today. The sale was made this past weekend. Today, I received an email from a "Go Pet Friendly Travel" agency. They explained to me that the seller had dropped off the puppy in an inadequate traveling crate which was not approved by the TSA. They explained that I needed to purchase the crate for an even larger sum of money and that the money would be refunded upon arrival of the puppy. I immediately was stricken with the fact that I had/was being scammed. To check, I actually emailed the real Go Pet Friendly and asked them to verify the email sent and the customer service agent I was in contact with. They responded by saying there was no history of that person and that that email was 100% fake. Just to further confirm everything, I responded to the scammer agreeing I would pay the fee for the crate. I then received another email explaining to me that the payment had to be made through Western Union and that was the final confirmation for me as WU is often associated with scam of this nature. I lost $750 and understand it is unlikely I will get that money back, but I just want to make sure this does not occur to anyone else who is simply trying to bring some happiness into their lives. I will include some other contact information provided by the scammer.

[email protected]

[email protected]



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