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Chelsea – Jul 16, 2020

They called me and told me it was an attempt to collect a debt. They then asked me to validate my date of birth and I told them I wouldn’t be validating anything until I knew what it was about. She told me it was an attempt to collect a debt and that she couldn’t go further until I validated my DOB, address, and last four of my SS#. I told her I wasn’t going to validate anything until I knew what it was about and that they could mail me somethings. She said that’s not how it works and hung up on me.

Danny – Jun 10, 2020

Victim Location 22304

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got an automated call from 866-963-3894 stating that I owe funds. I hung up because I was in the middle of a meeting and later gave the number a call right back. I wasn’t connected to a customer service representative. Instead music played in the background for about five minutes (or even longer) and finally I was connected to Janet Lewis who sounded pretty pleasant and "pulled up my case file." Janet claimed to work in the Civil Procedure Division of Clear Network Recovery Services in Orlando, Florida. She told me I took out a loan of $500 in May 2014 from a company called Personal Cash Express and that I had been contacted multiple times via email and mail to repay the loan. Apparently, the loan was requested and issued online. Of course, none of this information is true. I have not taken out a loan of $500 and have not heard of this company. She insisted on me settling the loan for $600 or so. If not, I would risk being sued, going to court and paying thousands of dollars and having her debt collection agency report the apparent debt to the credit bureaus within 24 hours. At first, I was a bit alarmed and thought there may be a chance that someone had gotten a hold of my SSN due to a security breach (since they’re so common these days) and used it to take out this loan. She even mentioned my SSN, current address and my relative’s name to me. I expressed my concern to her and she went on to say that her close friend had taken out a loan with her SSN. I began to probe and ask how she refuted the debt collection claim against her and that’s when I began to realize something was not right about her story, or anything for that matter. She was not able to provide any resources to me. She told me that she was simply lucky enough to search the database system at work and find out about her friend’s fraudulent activity. She refused to provide me with Personal Cash Express’ contact information and address. Apparently, she didn’t have this information. I asked her when the last email/mail correspondence took place, she didn’t have this information either. She only had my recent address and at the time that I apparently took out this loan, I was not living at that address so I confronted her about that. She put me on a brief hold and came back with the address that I was staying at in 2014. Still, there were addresses that I had lived at after that one and she did not list those which means I clearly wasn’t getting mail from the company I supposedly owed since I moved in 2014. And FYI, I did forward my mail after every move. I also asked her for the IP address do I could do some digging on that front. I told her I was going to investigate the matter and get back to her and she reminded me that I have less than a day to get back to her before she reports me to the credit bureaus. She said it was better to settle than to deal with legal fees and ruin my credit score, and that I was fortunate to not owe thousands of dollars. She also said she was being told that she’s been on the phone too long so she needs to get off. Right before we got off, I asked her where she was located and for the agency’s website. She told me she was in Orlando. I asked her if that’s where the headquarters is and she said the HQ is in Texas.

I got off the phone with her, checked out their website which seemed pretty sketchy, and decided to call them back. When I called, music was playing. No automated message about the company or anything. At some point, someone got on, asked me to hold and then went off for an extended period of time. Who knows who they were calling then? Eventually I got a hold of a human and asked for their mailing address so I could send them a letter refuting the debt collection. The very rude lady on the line (not Janet) gave me their mailing address in Orlando. I told her that I was under the impression that the HQ was in Texas and she quickly told me that all mail goes to their Orlando office. So when I got off the phone, I Googled the address and found out it was a coworking space. I called the coworking space and they weren’t able to confirm this collection agency existed. I then proceeded to look for the collection agency’s license. In Florida, debt collection agencies need to have a licensure to exist/function. And of course, I didn’t find one. Finally, I took a look at my credit report and nothing of this nature was listed. Part of me should’ve known this was a scam from the beginning because nothing was listed on last year’s credit report either. Anyways all of this is to tell you to be careful, don’t panic in the face of harassment and let these people who have no regard for you, know that you’re onto them.

I almost want to give them a call back and have my lawyer "handle" them.

Eduardo – Jul 10, 2020

Same call, was about to pay. They claimed if I didn’t I’d have to show up in court. Received a text from +1 (877) 200-5563 saying documents needed to be signed when arrived at household with The help/contact number 888-862-9972. Called one guy said they worked with Jrn services. Hung up and called back and other guy says they’re with clearnetrecovery and advanceamerica. Said I had a charge from payday loan in 2016 for $500. They were based out of Orlando.

Chelsea – Jul 10, 2020

They told me the same exact story. I am on the phone with my bank right now disputing the charge and having a new card issued.

Alan – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 32878

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The scammer claim to be from a csah advance company and sent me signature forms to sign on my e-mail for permission to take $ 250 out of my bank account,so there waitng on my money to go there so they can steal it the girl sounded so nice and convincing so i like a fool did not go threw the to check them out before i signed anything the said that they never heard of this place there was no listing found, thats when i knew that i was being scammed so my advice to anyone who gets a threat like this is to consult with the Better Business Bureau first,Do not let them threaten you into giving up any financial information no matter how convincing they may sound about what there going to do to you if you don’t do what they ask you to do. Do a back ground check first with the BBB.



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