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Micah –

Victim Location 70563

Type of a scam Utility

calling to be cleco .said they were sending someone to disconnect us , didn’t know if i was behind on bill because the company i work for fired all people in ac/ap. i have been catching up on billing so i pulled folder my bill wasn’t due till September 23, he said we owed 1487.85 and to catch up 789.90 as of today i ask to pay on phone with a credit card are check, he said no it needed to be cash, so i left to go get cash and he told me i can pay at any cvs, walgreens, family dollar, dollar general. to call him when i got in parking lot , so i did he said he would walk me threw it, he told me to go to the gift card area and pull a certain card , i knew right then and there that this wasn’t right , i kept questioning myself because i knew cleco does take payment over the phone with credit card are checking account .. i feel like a big dummy but we did not lose any money thank god ,



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