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Raquel – Mar 21, 2020

I purchased a Lego set for around $65 from Cloakmartp on 15th December 2019. After a lot of follow up, they sent me a tracking number of something sent from china, and turns out they sent some cheap glass instead. My kids were anxiously waiting for the lego set… (they thought if its not christmas, atleast for a later time)..
When i reached out to cloakmartp(email only… nobody picks up the phone), they wanted me to ship that small item back to China with me shelling money for shipping.
Alternately, they said they can deduct 15% and refund…

I was losing either way, thanks to my purchase at this hoax site.. i daid just give me whatever u can…

No money yet.. i have askee 15 times in the past 2 months… i get a response with a 1 liner ‘Please wait patiently’…

Havent gotten my money yet! So be careful of buying anything on this site.

Andrew –

Victim Location 76262

Total money lost $52

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Went looking for a Christmas present for a kid, a lego set that was no longer in production. Cloakmartp claimed to have it, for significantly less than any other re-saler. If it looks to be good, well . . . Got an initial confirmation of my e-mail with an order number that confirmed my mailing information and said I would be sent further notification when my transaction was processed. Never got the further notification, but checked my credit card and it had been debited on their end. Tried e-mailing for more information. No response. Tried calling, Verizon, rang a million times says the number is not in service. Looked further into the company. Their posted address doesn’t exist. Their e-mails appear to go nowhere. Yeah, Scam. Please do not be fooled as I was. I’ve not doubt my CC company will get my money back, but this leaves an awful taste in my mouth.



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