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Rebekah – Jul 21, 2020

I applied for a data entry clerk job about 2 weeks ago for CM heavy machinery. A person named Ken Morgan got in touch with me about the job the next day and asked me to fill out an application through Skype on paper and send it back in. I did and he contacted me the next day to tell me I got the job. He started telling me the job processes and also saying that his supervisors would reach out to me through email or phone. He also was telling me that I would get health insurance and vacation days when the job listing only said you would get a 401k. I got worried and asked him if the business was accredited with the better business bureau. He said it was but I asked him to send me proof that it actually was. He could not do that and instead sent me to a link to a website that was CM heavy machinery. The website I noticed was not secure. He told me the BBB logo was not on the website and then proceeded to ask me for my direct deposit information. I told him no until you give me proof that this is a real business. He could not do that or even give me his supervisors name. I told him I would report the job listing to indeed and I did and they got back with me saying that the listing they researched with the company was fake.

Arthur – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 44111

Type of a scam Employment

I am inquiring for my daughter. She is looking for a job. On I am concerned. She found a company called C M Heavy Machinery to do work at home. She applied for a job online. They are located in Oklahoma. I do not have their full address or phone number. They were going to send her a check rather then direct deposit. This was to pay for downloading onto her computer. I do not know the amount of the check.

Nancy – Jul 08, 2020

I also had applied for this job on indeed. person who contacted me asked for banking information to direct deposit funds to pay for all of this software that was needed for job. Before giving this information, I called CM Heavy Machinery and asked for the HR manager (Ken Morgan was name I was given), there was no such person and the lady who answered the phone said she had received over 300 calls for this online scam. CM apologized for this and said they were looking to shut this person down.



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