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Patrick –

Type of a scam Employment

A Hiring manager named Mary Lusk reached out to m claiming she found my resume on the indeed job board, so I thought it was legitimate. She began communication with me via email trying to coerce me into the operations manager position (remote position) with the CNC imports llc company. She eventually wanted to move the conversation to chatting on the telegram messenger app and so we had conversations on there that made me so skeptical. She had already sent me the job offer and then asked me to fill out the job agreement forms she had sent me on the app. Then I had several concerns about the job agreement and how it didn’t match the job offers benefits. Mary then claimed it was their lawyers who created the agreement so it couldn’t be changed. Even more skeptical she said that there would be a voice interview following me signing the agreement. I knew something was off but I wanted to catch her lying and report the scam on here so I proceeded with what she wanted. After signing and sending it back there she asked when I was available for a voice interview and I gave her the time. When she called me the interview was 3 questions and she sounded like she was reading from a script. Seamless to say it lasted for 1 minute and 50 seconds. From there I said I’m calling her back to ask her more questions and it went to automated voice mail. From there I researched more about the Canada location in Halifax and called the building and asking if there was a company called CNC imports llc renting space in this building and they said there was no such company in the building. I messaged Mary on telegram cause she was always online and confronted her saying I had more questions to ask following the short telephone interview. I followed by saying I called the Halifax location to see if it was legitimate and began to say there was no such company renting in the building, needless to say after not complying with signing the following TD1 forms and security check forms she blocked me from the app and deleted the conversation. I however took screenshots of the convo well before she deleted them. I even had her profile picture saved as I wanted to warn other potential victims of this so called "HR manager".



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