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Jenna – Jun 03, 2020

Victim Location 30173

Type of a scam Employment

I recieved a text message from ** saying he saw my name in a list of old opportunities and wondered if i had a desire to "take on somethin outside of my full-time job". I responded as I am currently looking for and have been looking for new opportunities. ** called me the next day and invited me to a zoom meeting where he did not show but a woman, **, claiming to be his wife was the only one on the call. Another sketchy dude joined the call claiming to be ** the brother of ** and they had a lucrative opportunity where they proceeded a sales pitch about "Profit-sharing" There were many red flags that i ignored but my wife picked up on during the "interview". I asked about the job and they referred me to a book from their mentor a probably cultist. When pressed further if they could explain the business he said "No, it will take too long to explain" and "Far too complicated" this I once again ignored because I wanted it to be true. they sent me a google link to the book from their mentor. I have not opened it for fear it will destroy my devices. Please do what I should have done and ignore a random number saying they have an opportunity for you. The entire scam felt like it was a way to keep me on the line for what I have no clue but its not good. They asked very general interview questions so it was hard for me to gauge that is indeed a scam. Long story short, I will listen to my wife more she is smarter than me. Good Luck.



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