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Lori –

Victim Location 30223

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I found this website under a YouTube video about how to purchase Bitcoin and Where. Two people under the comment section advertised as a trusted place with great exchange rate. I registered for account bought $280 worth of Bitcoin from them. They said I would receive within 24hrs due to high demands. After 24 hrs I didnt receive Bitcoin I contacted the customer service via chat on the site when asked about what was wrong and why havent I received my purchase yet I was given a message that they are busy leave my email and they will get back with me. Never received the email. I got concerned called Paypal and PayPal said they would place hold on money until I receive purchase. Still after almost 72 hrs of know Bitcoins I contacted them again at coinsfix was asked for order transaction number gave it was told I asked for refund from PayPal and so they had applied refund. I said didnt ask for any refund and asked the rep if they could hold online while I speak to Paypal over the phone. They immediately sent a message We are Busy leave email amd we will get back to you. Upon speaking to PayPal they never applied a refund and now I have to wait 7 days before I here anything about a refund for my purchase. The Paypal account for the merchant is Joan Marie Salome Rivera its not under the business name Please Beware Of This Scam Site and The Scammers that are operating behind it. I made a big mistake please don’t do the same. They are operating as A Cryptocurrency Exchange But Are Fraudulent.



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