Check Coiocal reviews to see if it is legit.

Kristopher – Mar 22, 2020

Limon i just received one ball since february 22, 2020.Can’t do anything website closed !

Tasha – Mar 19, 2020

Like others. Ordered the launcher ca 6 weeks ago but only received a ball today. Their website is now unreachable.

Rosa – Mar 06, 2020

Ordered the ball launcher on 26/1/20 and got a ball 2 days ago. Going to see if my credit card company can do anything but not going to hold my breath, didn’t hassle them because it was coming from China what with coronavirus I figured it would take a while longer to be delivered. Turns out I’ve been scammed

Richard – Mar 19, 2020

Same here. Got a ball in the post this morning. But where’s my ball launcher 😡

Robyn – Mar 11, 2020

Same here. Really ^_**!$ me off! Sucked me right in. I should have known for it to be that price, if its to good to be true, it probably is.What can be done?

David – Feb 20, 2020

Another sucker here. Just a ball. Email bounced back saying mailbox is full. I’ve alerted Spotify that they have a fraudulent vendor.

Sara – Feb 20, 2020

Ordered a dog launcher on Feb 3 and I’ve never received anything at all. I tried to send them emails on two separate occasions and they have come back stating that their email is full. After reading the previous reports I guess this is a scam and we are all out the money. Fake business!

Cristina – Feb 18, 2020

I ordered the coiocal interactive automatic dog ball launcher on Jan 3rd. It shows 7- 15 business day delivery.
On Feb 14th I received a tennis ball.
1 tennis ball in a plastic envelope. No ball launcher and no shipping slip. I immediately contacted the company and still have not heard back.
I contacted them by email when I did not receive the item in the time they state but only received emails stating that it would take 7 – 15 business days. So, no one was actually reading the emails.
I thought it was a joke to receive 1 tennis ball but checking the tracking info they show this to be the item. The refund policy said the item must be returned within 30 days, since they made sure it was over that time I doubt I will hear anything from the company on making this right. HUGE SCAM!

Dana – Feb 18, 2020

I ordered the same ball launcher. So now all I’m expecting is a ball as per these reviews. I will contact my credit card company to report them as a scam business. Live and learn. If they don’t take Paypal it kind of tells a story.

Brianna – Feb 08, 2020

I ordered the ball launcher also and just got the ball. The email address is fake, the phone number is fake. I am gonna report this to the Better Business Bureau, it’s the least I could do
These scammers ruin everything! What can be done?

Evan – Feb 06, 2020

Invalid phone number email is full
Never received any product. Can’t get a refund or cancel order. Got confirmation number that’s it I’m out 22.98

Neil – Feb 05, 2020

ordered a ball launcher and only received the ball. seeing the other reports Im not the only one. What can be done?

Randy – Feb 05, 2020

Order a ball launcher several weeks ago the ball arrived no launcher and cant contact them email bounces back…I think it’s a scam what do I do next?

Regina – Feb 05, 2020

Same thing happened to me. Hope someone can help with this.

Stefanie – Feb 05, 2020

Hola me a ocurrido lo mismo que a ti no me a llegado el lanzador de pelotas, que solución te han dado? No consigo ponerme en contacto con ellos

Adrian – Jan 31, 2020

Victim Location 11949

Total money lost $22.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a dog ball launcher online 6 weeks ago. Total shipping item price was 22.98. They corresponded with shipping dates etc on two occasions but never received Item. They ignore all emails etc. Fake business.

Clinton – Feb 05, 2020

all i received was the stupid ball.

Hillary – Feb 05, 2020

Hola te han solucionado el problema?



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