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Edwin – Jul 02, 2020

Terrible scam hiding behind micro print legalize Was billed 49/month for a long time before I spotted it. No
willingness to refund or negotiate either.

Erik – May 18, 2020

I have the same experience as the other user. I purchased a guide online for $1.00. I did not sign up for their monthly service however I began being charged automatically $49.00/month. It’s now been 4 months ($196) and I have emailed them many times, filed a BBB complaint, and I have yet to be refunded my money or even have my account cancelled.

Edward –

Victim Location 90804

Total money lost $49

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a photography guide on Oct. 26 for $3 when I received a Facebook ad. There were options for to upgrade to a full classroom for $1. I didn’t select that option. I received numerous emails from the company, one with login information for their free classroom. I never logged and there was no mention of a free trial or membership.

On Nov 4 I was charged $49 for a membership. I never signed up for a membership and have contacted the company with no response. In their billing section, it says that I have a free account and I’m unable to cancel my supposed membership.

These is a scam, and they are illegally used customers credit cards to line their pockets and giving you no way to cancel or get a refund. I will be cancelling my credit card in order to not be charged. This is completely corrupt and the company should be investigated for scam and fraudulent credit card payments.



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