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Nichole –

Victim Location 91786

Total money lost $219.84

Type of a scam Scholarship

I received a call on May 2nd regarding my son’s college prep status. They came across as if this was mandatory for my son to take. They offered a "packet" that included two dvd’s. They said if we want to keep the DVD’s, they are $219.84. They said we can return the DVD’s within 30 days and get a refund and keep the other information. Upon receiving the "packet" nothing was in there except the DVD’s. I did not open the DVD’s and quickly mailed it back. I called to tell them it was mailed back and asked for confirmation of reimbursement and they said they could not send an email confirmation and I will see it on the credit card. No reimbursement ever came so we disputed the charge, cancelled my credit card and got a new one. They fought the charge and it was put back my new card. I called them back and gave them the tracking number of the return package and they said it would be taken care of in two business days. 4 days alter and it has not been taken care of. I called every day and every hour during their business hours and the call just goes straight to voice mail. I left a dozen messages during 2 days and they have not called back once or reversed the charge.



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