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Jesus – Mar 07, 2020

Victim Location 85041

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scam is by a fake Maine [censored] cat breeder, Collins Maine [censored]. When you contact them, the request info form asks for the person’s address. The "breeder"/scammer will tell you that they are located pretty far from where the inquiry comes from so that the consumer is almost required to use their "shipping" option to claim custody of the purchased kitten. The breeder signs a contract, accepts payment for the kitten and then says they use JBL Smart Logistics to ship the cat. Once you confirm that you are the recipient of the kitten, you get an email that says the kitten is undergoing a medical exam to ensure that it is healthy to travel and almost immediately following, they send another email titled "URGENT!!! BAD WEATHER CONDITION "AIR CONDITIONED PET TRAVEL CRATE REQUIRED." They give you an option to purchase this special crate for $540 or RENT it for $750 with 95% refunded at the time of delivery. They ask for payment for the $750 via a Wal-Mart Visa Card, as opposed to ANY NORMAL method of putting a deposit down, and tell you that they will issue you a refund voucher that you will give to the delivery person and they will refund you CASH. When you try to do ANYTHING else, they say they can’t return the kitten and the breeder says they absolutely don’t trust any other company to deliver the cat. They have an excuse for everything and just want to get the extra money, for which no cat will be delivered. JBL Smart Logistics (website: & email: [email protected]) has the exact same pictures of the 3 people for their "executive team" as another website I found:  – no idea if this is a legitimate website or not.

I am currently out $850 for the cat, but realized the scam once the shipping company came into play. The breeder is getting funds through the Cash App and also via Wal-Mart Visa cards.



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