Color Market LLC

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Vanessa –

Victim Location 39401

Type of a scam Other

Colormarket hired me, I performed job duties as asked, signed a contract and W2 forms, it’s been 2 month I have not been paid and they will not contact me or accept my attempts to reach out to them

Curtis –

Victim Location 33401

Type of a scam Employment

This job hired me a month ago it seemed legit, The job description was "quality inspector", they would send boxes to my house and I would make sure that everything was there, upload pictures and receipts to the control panel website, and would send the boxes out with the prepaid labels that they would give me. They promised me a base of $1500 and an additional $50 per box which would average out to $4000 a month. Recently, They stopped emailing me and sending packages to my house and the website won’t let me log in. The packages I received would go to amazon centers and other fulfillment centers. At the end of the month, I never received pay or any emails to why I haven’t got paid back. This job is a scam don’t fall for it.

Juan –

Victim Location 23434

Type of a scam Employment

Customer was offered a work from home opportunity seemed too good to be true. They even offered the job without even meeting or interviewing customer. The company’s alias was Color Market LLC in Miami, FL. Their phone number was (877) 922-9009. They had customer email their resume which included some personal contact info. There is no credible information available on the business online.



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