Comcast Impostor Elite Technical support team

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Teresa –

Victim Location 01453

Type of a scam Tech Support

I’m not sure if it’s really a scam but it felt like one. Last night I had to call Comcast for technical help. The problem couldn’t be resolved so I set up an appt for today. I’ve gotten two calls from this number so I finally call back and it’s a man with a heavy accent and he wants my reference or resource number. I said I didn’t have one so he asks for my name and date of birth so I give it to him and he tells me there’s no account under that name. I give him my cell phone number, which was the same number used last night on the phone with the actual Comcast people, yet he tells me there’s nothing listed under this number. So I told him he sounds like a scammer because this is the number under my account and I hung up. Makes no sense as to why my account wasn’t accessed using the information I gave him. I don’t know the meaning of the call but it didn’t seem legit.



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