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Kristopher – May 12, 2020

Victim Location 46164

Total money lost $948.98

Type of a scam Tech Support


Information regarding Tech Support Services and

On January 9, 2020, my computer locked, and a message came on the screen saying it had been hacked.

A number was listed on the screen to contact for assistance. I turned the computer on and off a few times, but it did not unlock, and the message remained. I called the number and spoke to James Walter, phone # 855-979-6452. He stated my computer had been hacked and for $449.99 they would walk me through how to fix it. This would be for a one-time fix. For an additional $2000.00 they would enroll me in a life-time service contract. I agreed to pay for the one time fix but declined the life-time service. He then said for an additional $499.99 they would enroll be in a 5-year service plan. I agreed.

He told me their offices were located at 855 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA. Charges for the one-time service ($449.99) would appear on my credit card as The year service agreement ($499.99) would appear as Upon recently checking this site it is a web domain, registered for development. Nothing comes up under but Computer Link is an Apple authorized service center in Stockton, CA.

Raymond Walter provided me with a customer number GETS2364 and a security code of DINR0001.

The phone number provided to contact them for service was 855-979-6452 and the name Mike Hsaw(?) ext. 420. When this number is dialed, I get a quick busy signal sound, usually associated with a line out of order, at least in our area.

Since late February I have been receiving calls from a “Technician” named Robin. The only identifiable thing is his strong Eastern Indian accent. On caller ID these calls show they are from “Out of Area”, then “Out of Area” with the number 224-452-4335, Richland Springs, TX 325-452-4675, and now from Morganza, LA, 225-452-4254. Since April 29 I have received 15 calls. (Caller ID list only goes back to April 29, but calls began long before) He states he is getting an alert from my computer and wants me to log in to see if my IP address is public or private, stating it should be private. I told him I checked, and it was private, but he knew I had not accessed my computer.

I have asked and told him to stop calling to no avail.



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