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Jillian –

Victim Location 32746

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This so called law firm keeps calling me and relatives trying to get money where they do not have a legal claim, nor all the correct information about me. All they do is harass us, for a debt that I do not owe. Do not believe anything they say.

Ann –

Victim Location 15226

Type of a scam Debt Collections


Brianna –

Victim Location 45877

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called stating my name and social was attached to passing a fraudulent check with check and go and wanted me to confirm my last 4 of social. I told them I wasn’t comfortable giving out my social security number and they needed to send any and all documents to the address they should have on file. The guy said ok and quickly hung up. I called the check n go and they gave me the number to the collection agency that they sold it to. That company gave me another company they sold said debt to and upon calling them they stated that they still had it in there possession and no other company has it.

Tommy –

Victim Location 50220

Type of a scam Debt Collections

First off, the phone just rings and rings. Someone may or may not finally answer. After a few minutes they finally gave me their name of Commonwealth and Associates – so fake. After telling the my "case worker" that I would not verify any information until I was given an address, she finally stated that they were at 23811 Washington Ave, Murrieta, CA. I looked in Google and confirmed that this is actually a strip mall and their "business" is nowhere near that address.

I called them back and told them that I have no debts within the last 10 years. They tried to say this has been going on for years and they would send me to court. LMFAO They also said they called the DMV and that I have a lien on my car, which I’ve only had for a few months. When I asked them how there was a lien on a car I just purchased, they didn’t know what to say. They just get mad when you don’t fall for their scheme. I yelled at them to take me off of their call lists and to stop harassing American workers.

When I told them that they legally have to inform people of debts via mail, they got mad and said they were not a debt collection company but a company made up of "lawyers" who will just see me in court. They really don’t like it when people know their rights.

I don’t know how much money they were trying to get from me, but they got very rude when I said I would not verify my SSN, DOB, or address.

Brandy –

Victim Location 28314

Type of a scam Debt Collections

David Jones at Commonwealth called my husband and me saying I owed money on an old Sprint phone bill. I told him I NEVER HAD Sprint. They tell you they are going to take you to court and have you pay their attorney’s fee. I wrote both the CA and NC State’s Attorney Generals office. I got a phone call and two letter confirming my 48 hours of research. They sent an email wanting me to sign saying I would pay and then they would not take me to court. DO NOT CONFIRM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION, EVEN IT IS CORRECT. THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE TRY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE TO STUPID TO GET A REAL HONEST JOB. I then called David Jones back and asked for the address so I could bring in my payment, he said no I had to use a debt card, I then informed him the fake address, names, and no LLC attorney info on that email was ALL fake and I FOUND OUT THEY ARE SCAMMERS !!!

Tristan –

Victim Location 49646

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Threatened a lawsuit if wasn’t paid in full by end of day.

Tasha –

Victim Location 90805

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My long rant for the day:

Do people really have no conscience that they make a living off of scaring people?!

I was called today from my brother in Texas saying there’s someone who called him from an attorneys office about a case against me..

I called that number and spoke with a very (RUDE) lady who continued to speak over me about a case I had opened (all the way back from 2008) they said it was a part of a private loan I signed apart from the federal loan I had from the school Iattended(mind you I’m currently paying towards that loan) she explained to tell me that they attempted to send me a letter in the mail 45 days ago and I did not comply(which I never got).. so because I did not comply right away I had to pay the $1,400 balance in full, if not they would take me to court and charge me another $7,500 for court fees..

This lady scared me and put me in tears!!!

I got my fiancé on the line so she can explain the situation to him..

we were VERY close to just getting it over with and just gonna use our wedding savings to pay it off but I was very skeptical that she refused to give me ANYTHING in writing!

Her claim was they already had sent me a letter in writing and that was their final attempt..

we then discussed about just paying it off if they would settle for $500, so she presented that to the “attorneys” and they declined that and said we could pay $849 to settle..

my mom then got involved and said I’ll just pay it just let me pay it off!

But it just felt wrong paying someone over the phone who refused to give me anything in writing.. and every time we questioned her about it she gave an attitude about it saying things like “I’m not going to go back and forth with you on this” or “I’ve been telling you that the whole time” and continued to speak over me..

I then asked for their website and she explained “it doesn’t look like much but I promise we’re an operating business” and she was right, it didn’t look like much, in fact it looked like a poorly, put together website just to prove they were a firm..

From there I read reviews out loud to her on the bbb.. the review I read out loud to her sounded EXACTLY like my case.. she said “that’s probably not our business” and I said well your name IS common wealth and associates right? She said yes, then says they probably just had a bad experience..

now my fiancé’s boss is involved who’s extremely intelligent, he tried asking this lady reasonable questions like can we please get a letter head with these request from you? Again she continued to speak over him and give him an attitude as well.. after over an hour going back and forth with her he advised me to just hang up, which I did and before that she continued to tell me they would summon me to court..

Mitchell –

Victim Location 19056

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called said I had a collection balance that I paid years ago and when I called and the secretary claim the attorney moved forward on the acct without asking me any information about identity

Rose –

Victim Location 53913

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This number called trying to reach a family member demanding money for a old credit card that never existed. This family member has nothing in their credit history and owes 0. The caller wanted $6300.00. When you call their number, 888-723-5101, they are extremely rude and unprofessional – won’t even give you a street address! They argue with you and keep their location completely private, yet they want money. It is shameful. I hope everyone reads this message and I can help spread the word to NOT PAY ANY MONEY TO ANY COMPANY THAT CANNOT BE FOUND VIA GOOGLE, THAT IS NOT LISTED WITH BBB.ORG, WILL NOT BE TRANSPARENT, AND THAT WILL NOT BE KIND AND PROFESSIONAL WHEN YOU CALL THEM. Shame on these people.



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