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Nikki –

Victim Location 02050

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received multiple calls from this company- They had my name but incorrect SS # once I started asking questions they hang up. It’s a complete scam. People I have spoken to- Travis Bailey sent to Dan Vaga but got voice mail. Scam website wouldn’t provide an email or address where they are located. Just got nasty when I asked.

I would not verfi my SS # so they just hang up after saying there will be a warrant issued for my arrest. I asked if he was an attorney and where he went to law school- the call ended.

I decided to call back again – got Stephanie again- been with the company for 2 weeks she said I had an old HSBC account and I owe 3630.00 from an old checking account over draft- impossible. I asked if we could settle this today- she needs to get with the attorney handling the case. But warned me if they didn’t settle I would be liable for attorney fees if I didn’t pay and decided to fight it in court. They came back with 60% of the balance owed 2160.00 I offered 1900 today to be done with it. she put me back on hold. Travis came back on I asked why he hung up on me? Asked if i still wanted to settle this today I said yes- Only if he can tell me the definition of WIRE FRAUD? He quickly hung up on me again after threatening a law suite.

Find these crooks and hold them accountable for their action.



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