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Tammy – Apr 12, 2020

Communicare Michigan (Formerly in Tarpon Springs, Florida but has now moved to Palm Harbor, Florida) was operating without a business license as was stated in the report listed on this site. When they got caught, they instructed employees to lie about the operation. Employees were told to say “This is just a house where people live. There are no laws against that.” Then they discussed getting licensed as an TLF knowing full well they had NO intention of “transitioning” clients from the home. Ultimately they decided against that and moved some of the clients out of the facility/home…but only temporarily for inspection. They later moved one client back into the home and instructed the staff to LIE about his whereabouts. Staff members who refused to participate in the deceit were fired on the spot. The company also “laid off” several employees just weeks after they were hired. They are only concerned about the income that these TBI clients generate under Michigan law.

Ronald –

Victim Location 34689

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

From the end of December, 2018, to the end of March, 2019, I was employed by this company at their Tarpon Springs location. Just prior to my start date, a client living there passed away, and the paramedics were called to the location. This was a brain injury rehabilitation center and assisted living facility. Upon arrival, the paramedics were under the impression they were arriving at just a regular home, as there were no fire exit signs, no business signs, etc. It is believed that they alerted the fire marshal of this, and it is believed that the fire marshal reported to my manger that this location does not possess a business license. On February 11th, my manager was called into a spontaneous meeting, given by the Chief Operating Officer/ Program Director. My manager had no prior knowledge about this meeting. Also called in was my manger’s assistant, and also one "Life Skills Staff" employee. My manager was informed she had the choice of either being laid off or terminated. She was also then informed that this life skills staff employee would immediately be taking her place. It was later revealed that this life skills staff employee had been notified one week prior, that this was going to occur, and that she was going to be placed in charge. During this meeting with my manager, she and her assistant had been told that by March 1st, or shortly thereafter, almost all remaining staff was to be either laid off or fired, and my manager and her assistant were shown a written list with all the names of those who were eventually going to be let go. Soon thereafter, at least 9 employees were either terminated, or laid off. To bring this full circle, the main point of this is that they were running a business without a business license, were found out, investigated by DCF and the fire marshal, and then scrambled to undo this business location, and quickly disbanded the location and relocated. Staff was instructed to interact with clients for 15 minutes, and this company was charging them for 45 minutes of therapy. These charges were instructed to be sent from Tarpon Springs, Florida, up to Communicare Michigan, at their Michigan headquarters. It was mentioned that they were charging Medicare approximately $200,000 per person living at this location, which had absolutely no business license.



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