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Caleb –

Victim Location 99224

Total money lost $2,393

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I was called by Mr. David Morales from Complete Capital & Business Services LLC stating his company wanted to purchase my Mexico timeshare. However before Mexico could release the timeshare for sale, I had to wire Mexico $2,343 to cove some kind of notary tax. They were using a title company out of Atlanta by the name of S & R Title Services. Both companies seemed legit. I fell for it. I wired the money as they requested and a few days later they told me I needed to wire an additional $4,000 to cover some other kind of tax. I called another company that deals with the purchase of timeshares from Mexico and they told me they never have to wire money there. I told them I wasn’t going to wire the $4,000 to Mexico and I wanted my initial deposit of $2343 back. They said I would get a full refund. That was three months ago. Now they are saying that the money is theirs for their time and effort. Stay away from this company.



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