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Steve –

Victim Location 95687

Type of a scam Tech Support


Per my phone conversation with you that I questioned your validity. You said it was not possible for anyone else to have same phone number as you. But below is company with same phone number as the one you list as yours.

I am requesting refund of my $279.95 as well as the original $530.00 I paid for computer support. Nothing has gone well with my dealings with you. In the beginning you charged me $530.00 twice and I was required to file a dispute to get refund for one of the charges. Later someone from your company called me that your company had lost it’s license and wanted to make a refund of $500.00. Later my checking account showed $2500.00 refund. He said "Uh oh I made mistake,refunded too much. Go immediately to Walmart and buy gift cards, etc." I checked my bank account and noted the refund had been paid with my own credit card. I had to file another dispute.

This is my third encounter with you. You sent notice hat I signed document that transaction was complete and I was pleased with service and agreed with your terms of service. I did not sign. I told you I would sign nothing until I had time to have an adviser go over it with me. Apparently to get satisfaction will require me to file a third dispute. Hopefully this will solve my problems with you and my relationship with you will be terminated. Please send refunds. See below for company with same phone

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Sent: 3/14/2018 5:41:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subject: toll free 1-800-6111-2648 – alex hopper


Whenever you are looking for norton antivirus customer care number, you have to be associated with the best company for your help. They are ready to be your guide.

You have been using Norton antivirus support for quite some time now, and you were all happy with the service. Now, after using it for quite some time, you are in need to update the previous software version. Being a technical newbie, it becomes really very difficult for you to know more about the ways to update your previous version of Norton antivirus to the new one. Well, with the help of customer care support help desk, such problems are solved within a jiffy.

Free of investing money

Some petty Norton antivirus related issues are solved online and without even charging you a single penny. Well, if you have any other forms of servicing areas, keep the numbers handy. At the end of this number, there are technical engineers who are happy to be your guiding star. All these technical pros are well acquainted with every knick and knack of Norton antivirus, and ready to solve your problem in no time. just give them a call, and they are at your service right away.

Reasons to choose them

There are loads of reasons to keep norton antivirus customer care number neat your hand. Reputed companies are known for producing worldwide technical support, and at your free time. Therefore, they are always available 24 hours at your service. A single call at their official number, and you will receive techno support, over the net. If you want, you can even take help of their physical presence too. Therefore, no matter how hard or tough your problem is, these professionals are always ready to be your guiding star.

Certified engineers at your service



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