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Savannah –

Victim Location 90266

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

The recorded call states that your credit card is being charged $399 for a 1 year computer subscription service, and you should call 424-234-7349 to get your money refunded. I called the number and asked them who they are after they answered "hello". Then they said they are Computer refund support. When I pressed them to identify themselves, they hung up.

Lucas –

Victim Location 46235

Type of a scam Phishing

Sean Melton Had Google email and photo from the UK. He gave me a couple numbers. One for New Firewall Assistance 8889899554 or 8889898554 and the other for Support Provider for the computer I needed to call 8887027633. Then I called Comcast and then they transferred me to Them same people. They did say they had access to My Phone, Cable, Internet and Computer. I then contacted my bank to let them know and they told me that they had already tried taking out $1499. and when it wasn’t there they said they were going to charge me $399 and then they contacted me and said all I had was 40 in the bank. And then I knew they had access to my checking account.

Brian –

Victim Location 03835

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Tech Support

It was on line for computer technical company

Cristina –

Victim Location 48895

Type of a scam Tech Support

two phone calls. latest 2 pm on 2/27/2018 Female recording from ‘Computer Support" "call online 855 433 0666 to get refund of money from Windows/Apple Support".

Pedro –

Victim Location 75080

Type of a scam Tech Support

Reporting an Online Scam operation that called me claiming to be

with Computer support (Yeah right)…I reporting this to you in case the BBB, FBI,

Federal Trade Commission, InterPOL may not know of this..This may be a NEW SCAM

website you all don’t know about.

Somebody called me from 850-203-2602 at 3:20pm CST today…

He said he was with computer support(His English was not that good) and he said he did service on my computer

and needed to access it….I ALREADY knew he was a SCAMMER….

He wanted he to go to my computer Run program….And type in :

And he said push OK button..

Well, I said I did it..WHICH of course I did not…Again, playing him for a fool & a jerk that he is….

Then he asks:

"What do you see?"

I relied (making all this up to this SCAMMER) 😀 :

"Well, I see a list of websites in a column of links and stuff…"


"Okay, and what else you see?"

I replied (Still making this up to this SCAMMER) :

"Well, I see a listing for the website of and

I see some listings under it….(Again I’m making all this up to this jerk)…..

I see a website link of "FBI warning saying website is a SCAM website",

another link saying "InterPOL warning of SCAM website do not access…" and

"RCMP website link saying DANGER!! WARNING!! is a SCAM operation

in the country of India, DO NOT ACCESS!!!" and "BBB website link starting websiter

is a SCAM computer service…" and "Scotland Yard website saying website is a

criminal SCAM website.." ….


"Is that what you see?"

I replied (Still making this up) :

"Yes..Oh, there is also a link to Nashville Police Department saying WARNING, website of is a SCAM and CRIMINAL activity website operation out of the country of India."

"I have a question, why do all these other websites from law enforcement agencies from around

the world say your website is a SCAM and CRIMINAL activity website?"


"Well, I errr……"(He hung up!)

I guess I wasted his time on this….. 😀 😀 😀

Please be sure to report this website of to all law enforcement agencies, FTC.

the phone number they used is: 850-203-2602 which I am sure is a cell phone they

have someone in USA get to run their SCAM…

I hope this is of help to you people at the BBB and Law Enforcement…

Colin –

Victim Location 62966

Type of a scam Tech Support

Foreign voice said they were with computer support. It’s fake. Don’t give them anything.



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