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Jason – Mar 13, 2020

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a woman [ March 2, 2020 from the number (519) 636-5581 ] from a company called Concierge Service Group Inc. (201 Front St N #400, Sarnia ON. N7T 7T9) about an employment offer as an errand runner/service provider. After an interview conducted over the phone I was offered a position where I was told I would make $900.00/week working for multiple businesses and CEO’s running whatever errands they would need (ex. grocery shopping, reservations, bill paying, etc.). I was told I was being sent a check for $8,700.00 and this would include my first $900.00 for training. I got the check after 2 days after providing them with my address and ended up taking it to the bank on March 6, 2020. "Miranda" [phone numbers: (343-989-0102) or (587-777-9954) ] from Concierge Service Group Inc. told me to deposit the check as it was pre-verified and would allow me to take cash out right away. When I tried to deposit the cheque, the bank teller at RBC told me that there would be a 4 day hold on the check and I could only withdraw $750.00 for now. I proceeded to withdraw the $750.00 from the bank as instructed to carry out my first "training assignment". I was instructed to take the money to Markato Convenience Store in Calgary, AB and use their Bitcoin machine there for my assignment. I was provided a barcode from "Miranda" from "Concierge Service Group Inc." for a "bill payment" and used it to transfer the cash over into cryptocurrency directly to somebody else. I was told my "training" would continue when the check was cleared but after my suspicion rose about the situation I reported it to the bank. I genuinely thought it was a legitimate employment and I had zero intention of doing anything fraudulent at all. I am now responsible for dealing with the $750.00 I withdrew before I can access my banking. I am really hoping to get this situation resolved as I have been a victim of a scam and robbery of money I now owe to the bank. I have proof of all of the text messages, e-mails, phone calls and whatsapp messages/calls and proof that I am innocent and was completely unaware that this job opportunity was a scam. I am reporting this so that others can be forewarned about this employment scam and make the right decision to not get involved!



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