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Colin –

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was browsing on my computer when my computer suddenly came up with a blue message screen claiming a hack job with serious consequenses through the internet network, computer and phone. The 1800 number took me to a Representative con confident technologies which I has to ask for the name. The website looked good at first but I kept getting pressured into paying out more and more money. When I asked why they kept sugar coating security reasons with time pressures. When questioned about location of office it did not match a business but house address with no vehichles in the picture. I also questioned this. My credit card would not work due to a situation outside of the day and that number is being changed by my bank at this time. More time pressures came though the afternoon. I finally called their bluff for not providing clear concise answers and they still asked for more money. I hung up and alerted the bank to watch and make changes.

They also tried to get bank account numbers with rejection from my side assuring me that they were legit

names given: MIke Lee with a seniority member of Umber. Pretended to be very nice people

these people called from the states from three different states not matching any office building. the office address picture on maps comes up with a residential house along with the other numbers. They are getting very sly.

a bank teller was able to hear a call solidifying suspicions. Please be aware of the time they will steal from young families as my whole afternoon got complicated.



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