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Ricardo – Mar 27, 2020

Victim Location 19805

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from Vivian Cook about working form home, I responded I was interested she called me and explained the job in detail and said Roland Vazquez would be calling me to get set up. So it was a company which shipped items and I would verify the package was correct, makes sure it wasn’t damaged and repackage the item. A shipping label would be sent to me via email I print it and ship it out. Salary was 650 wk 20 bonus for each package shipped within 24 hours of recovering shipping label. The pay was monthly ok so Roland called explained in detail the setup on the computer and he sent emails with links for the dashboard for shipments and a step by step how it worked. Email for w2 wet up for payroll etc … I also record two additional calls Boyd Moran and Harley Downes supervisors who helped with step by step for 1st shipment I received and one or the other would call me weekly to let m know packages were on the way and to see how things were going. I would take picture of item and receipt and wait for label and then ship out item. Then I would send a picture to Boyd as proof it shipped out and the dashboard was updated. Friday March 20 came I called Boyd to confirm my pay no answer I called Harley left message no response back the weekend came and went no money in my account. I called all three supervisors and emailed no reponse back at this point I get the feeling I have been scammed. I file a complaint with the better business Bureau they referred me to this site.



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