Connect wise Control

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Michael –

Victim Location 95240

Total money lost $8,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

"Peter" contacted my husband who is deaf by using our caption phone to help refund $299 from tech support that was elicited a year ago from Best Buy. Peter claimed that we would receive a refund of $299 if we would allow the connect wise control have access to our desktop. Through some online guidance Peter showed a Chase bank account and instructed my husband to type $299. That number somehow became $29000. Peter become ballistic and instructed him what my husband had to do next or he would lose his job. He was to get $9000 total in (5000)Wal-Mart gift cards and (4000)Target gift cards. But during the course of this happening Peter had full control of our banking info and was texting my husband’s cell phone to release the monies back into the account. Peter was unable to use 2 of the $500 cards and was further instructing my husband to write a check to Wal-Mart and wire $4000 monies. My husband realized that he was a victim of a scam and alerted the authorities and cancelled the debit card that Peter had access to.



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