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Martin – May 05, 2020

I was texted to confirm my name, then was asked by Christina Harbor if I am capable from working from home. When I said I was, she had me contact Joanne on Google Hangouts for an interview. Joanne initially wanted to video interview, but then said her WiFi was down and had to do it through text only. She introduced herself as the interview manager and asked which position (admin assistant, customer service, or data entry) I would prefer to interview for. I asked for information of the job duties and she had to ask me for my email. I denied it, saying it would be on my resume (I never applied). She used my google hangouts email, then forwarded me the info. Both emails were full of typos and spelling errors with outlandish claims that I can work any time, day or night (doesn’t make sense for customer service). Suspecting a scam, I asked her what about me stood out as an applicant. She replied that I would be a ‘good fit’. I asked which position she thinks I should take based on my past experience, and she said admin assistant but with no reasoning or reference to my past roles. Then I found this page, sent her screen shots, and asked not to be contacted. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Sara – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 70754

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message asking For me by name. They then gave me a name as to who there were and asked if I would be interested in a work from home position,naming three open positions making $25 an hour. I was then told to download an app called “wire” and make contact using a username thy have me, @conquestdrillingfluid. When I did that a woman named JoanneGubler posted a list of interview questions for me to answer. They were you normal questions expected during an interview. The last question was what was the name of my bank, The name only. I was told she would send my answers to the high ups and they would contact me by email if they decide to hire me. I had an email Monday morning offering me the job. They had attached a normal looking tax form, the one you typically fill out for your preempoment paperwork for tax withholding. They also had a paper wanting me to list my education and degrees. The address in google showed somewhere in the middle of nowhere. There are a few employee profiles on LinkedIn, all president, ceo, etc. but none have pictures. They weren’t listed on BBB. It just all didn’t seem right to me based on my experiences of job interviews and such. They claim to have found me on Friday when I originally looked up that job board I found nothing, today there it is with one job posted for a customer service representative. But it still all felt really strange. When I contacted the BBB. They did not find a business listed for conquest drilling fluid but there were 2 reported scams using that name since April!!!! Please be careful. These people are getting really good st what they do!

Fernando – Apr 14, 2020

Victim Location 70763

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message asking me to verify my name. Was told there are several work from home positions available within their company, listing Company name and positions. I immediately looked up the company as i was receiving text. Brought to what looks like a legitimate website about the company. i was then asked if i would be interested in any of the open positions. I responded with yes. Then was asked if i had an app called hangouts that i could do an online interview on. Was given a name abdd email address to contact a lady within the companies HR department to schedule an interview. I did this, within minutes I received messages from this lady. She let me know of several open positions and asked which one i would like to be interviewed for. I responded and she asked me for my email address so she could send me the duties of the position. Asked that i fully read email and responded back to her if i was able to perform the duties. I did respond and she sent me a series of questions to answer, saying please read each question carefully and respond in a timely manner, because a timely manner counts. I read through each question answering. At the end she said she was going to send my answers to her corporate office and please be available in the morning at 9am to hear from her. 9am this morning she messaged me in the hangouts app and let me know i should have an email with what corporate decided. I checked my email and there it was an email saying i was hired. The pay rate was higher than she originally emailed me the previous night along with other reimbursements and benefits. I also need to add that neither of the emails that were sent were on a company letterhead or had any kind of company information on them (address, phone numbers, her position). She messaged me again on hangouts and asked if I received the email. I answered and started asking her a few questions. She had a couple of answers but when i asked how long has she been with the company she never responded. Please know that attached to the last email from her was a legitimate copy of a blank W-4 and a US Department of Labor Supplemental Information form.

Kari – Apr 07, 2020

Victim Location 88005

Type of a scam Employment

I was initially texted about an employment opportunity with Conquest Drilling Fluids. I was then asked to connect over the app “Hangouts” with [email protected], a woman named Elizabeth Hogan, supposedly the hiring manager who interviewed me. I was then sent an email from the company hiring me and asking me to fill out two forms. One was a W-4 and the other was asking for my education information. The email was sent from [email protected], which made no sense to me. It seemed that someone involved should have an email address from the company itself so I called them directly. That’s when I was informed that someone else was falsely using their information to scam me.



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