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Christina –

Victim Location 77365

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

On Tuesday, November 5th of 2019, I received a text message from 305-849-1534 informing me that I was selected to start the first store evaluation Job I applied for. It said my first assignment would be delivered via regular mail next week. Do you have any of these stores around you? (Apple store, Walmart, Best Buy)….JESSICA RENNICK … CONSUMER EXPRESS SERVICE. On Saturday the 9th I received another Text from the same number telling me the envelope containing my first shopper task will be delivered to my house Today/Monday via USPS regular mail. Please send a text message to (305-515-5993) when you receive of the envelope…JESSICA RENNICK…CONSUMER EXPRESS SERVICE

on Monday I received an envelope with a return address: Martha Peelman 12 Leigh Fisher Blvd, El Paso Tx 79906. It contained a letter and a Cashier’s Check for Two thousand nine hundred Eighty-Five dollars( $2,985.00. ) The cashier’s check said it was from Fulton Bank and had no other bank information like address or phone numbers. I looked up the bank online and called Fulton Bank to verify the funds and they told me it was not a good cashier’s check.

Kelli –

I am so glad that you posted this! I too received the same text different person. So, to my surprise today in my mail was a check for $2,985 telling my to do exactly as you described in your post. It’s too late in the evening to contact the bank but, I did send them an email. It came off as totally weird the check is from Y-12 Federal Credit Union only located in Tennessee yet, Donald Lindsey of Midland, Texas is the return sender on the envelope. Thanks again!



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