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Candice –

Victim Location 90008

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

BEWARE! This company is a FRAUD!! I inquired about a loan on line for funeral expenses. This company responded and said I was approved first through email. Then they called saying they needed to confirm details before they could make deposit. Next they told me they needed access to my online banking to verify my income. While on the phone with them. I changed my password and them gave them the temporary. I was starting to feel uncomfortable but against my better judgement I proceeded because of the circumstance. After all of that then told me they would deposit between $300-$500 to my account to my account of which I needed to send back via Money Gram. They said that was their partner company. Sign contract and send copy of my After which they could deposit the initial loan of $2000.This is when the Red Flag could not be denied. I told them I would not be able to do that as I was preparing for a funeral. I immediately changed my password. I told him I would not be proceeding with the loan. Thanked him for their consideration and hung up. He called 5 times back to back until I answer. When I answered the he began to yell that I changed my password and he pleaded with me to give him access again or my ATM code so he could cancel. When I refused he said I needed to pay $299 for a cancellation fee. I politely told him I had not received any money nor did I sign or complete the process to complete the process. He then threatened me and said he has all my information and ruin my credit and freeze my social security number. This is when I told him I would be reporting them to the and to not contact me again!



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