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Kendra –

Victim Location 17522

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

If anyone wants you to deposit money into your account for any reason don’t do it! It’s a scam! First of all, they wanted me to deposit this fake check of $2,990.75 into my checking. Then pull MY money out to cover the cost of the stuff that was going to be bought at Walmart. HELL no. 3 money orders, 3 iTunes cards and then I guess send them to him but I never even got that far because as soon as I opened the package I knew it was fake. First of all, it’s a cashier’s check which is just as good as cash. Anywhere! So I should be able to go anywhere and just cash it. If you try to go to a Walmart and cash this and they run it in their machine right away it will tell you NO! Which means this check is NO GOOD!!! That’s how you can always tell if checks are bad or fake. Or call the bank that the check is drawn on!!

The guy kept on texting me even after I told him I knew that the check was fake and I want going to cash it. He was telling me it was real. I tried to give him an out twice to leave me alone and he would not do it. These people WILL NOT STOP. EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW YOU KNOW THEY ARE CAUGHT THEY KEEP COMING AFTER YOU!!!

I had to block him and report him as spam, report him here and I even called the bank that the check was on but that didn’t do any good. It just proved it was fake. They want you to be their bank and give them as much money as possible. Don’t fall for it. You will lose and you will never get your money back. EVER.

Edward –

Victim Location 04496

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a call from the Costumer Protection Bureau. They said I had won 485,000. He started to tell me how to claim it, but I cut him off and said I would have to check them out and call him back. He called from 321-921-8028



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