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Jon – Feb 21, 2020

Victim Location 43205

Type of a scam Employment

I was online looking for work at home jobs, specifically for a Secret Shopper job. I got an application by email, I don’t remember the email address. I filled it out, they asked for my name, address, phone, whether I had been convicted of a felony. On the email, it said not to use my own money as I would not be refunded. Then a month later, I got an envelope from USPS Priority Mail. The return address on it is Nicholas ***, *** *** ** **, Atlanta, GA 30315. Inside was a letter and a check. The letter reads in part: "Congratulations you have been pre-qualified to participate in a Secret Shopping Program. The objective of the program is to evaluate the efficiency of the store and staff. Deposit the check at your bank immediately after you receive this package. Confirm receipt by texting ###-###-####. We need your confirmation after you process the cashiers check. Funds will be available at your bank immediately, Withdraw cash and deduct your commision of $500. Go to Walmart. Purchase 2 Walmart gift cards for $500 each, and purchase two more Walmart gift cards at the second Walmart store. Be sure to emphasize that they are all loaded accurately. The purpose it to curtail lapses at Walmart. Some Outlets have been reported for unbalanced charges. After completing the service, carefully scratch the back of the card and send a clear picture of the card and receipt to ###-###-####. You will receive a survey form by email. Fill out the survey form. You must take note of the name of the cashier, customer service, time in and time out, efficiency, pleasantness and neatness. All of the info given above will be…. you are expected to perform this without alerting the cashier or evaluating the services, that will defeat the purpose of the service. You are making a difference in tomorrow’s economy. Sincerely Consumer Resource Center." I’m supposed to send my reference information to Gregory Schmidt. The cashier’s check is for $2600.



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