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Leslie – Jun 09, 2020

Victim Location 48915

Type of a scam Utility

Representatives knock on doors presenting themselves as "with the gas company" and they want to see your bill to "check that you’re getting the correct rates." They then write your name, address, and account numbers into their contract. They quickly and deceptively say they can lower your rates for an "entire billing cycle" as though its some great deal. They pressure you to sign without clearly explaining things. When i actually read the contract and looked online, I realized they only lower your rate for one month and many many people reported sudden rate increases with no recourse because after 30 days you cannot change gas providers without paying an exorbitant fee AND the ridiculous amount they now charge for your gas. I was able to catch this and call Consumers to block any changes from being made to my account. But i just watched them attempt the same deception on my neighbor and im furious that they came back to prey on the unsuspecting with cleverly worded tricks. This is absolutely disgusting business practice and they deny it. If they come back i WILL video record their routine. Its practiced and designed to fool you into thinking they ARE your gas provider already!



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