Control Auctions INC

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Kevin –

Victim Location 29210

Total money lost $20

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted in reference to a job . It was for order processing. I worked for Control Auctions INC. for a month. After some discrepancies with my account became apparent, I looked up everything I could about Order Processing and found Forward Shipping to invariably be a fraud. I contacted the FBI and let them know about it, and now I am putting the word out everywhere that Control Auctions should be avoided at all costs. I received a phone call earlier today and when I called the number back, was told that I was speaking with an officer Eric Parker, from the FBI. He had a very thick accent. There were others in the background speaking on other phones by the sound of it, all of whom had accents. He told me that I’d committed tax fraud and that he was going to forward my paperwork to his superiors. I told him I needed the name of his superior; he did not give it to me and hung up, the whole time trying to convince me that I was in trouble. The only money I lost fortunately, was the $20 that I spent in getting tape packing materials and ink for my printer in order to fulfill the duties that I had agreed to in the contract.



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