Cordial Bengals

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Steve –

Victim Location 77536

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Offers bengal kittens for sale with free shipping through Delta Airlines. Wants payment through western union or moneygram. After receiving payment informs you that usa pets delivery service handles the set up for shipping live cargo. Then usa pet delivery notifies you that the kitten cannot be shipped without insurance. In my case the insurance was almost 2X the amount paid for the kittens. Sellers name is Charles Harison Walsch and the rep for the pet delivery service is Aloh G. Stevenson. They are the same individual. He uses a home address that is listed as being on the market for ~60 days. He is not listed as the home owner. I am out $1000 because I refused to pay the "urgent" insurance prior to shipping. He is also appears to be listing the same kittens repeatedly. I noticed someone else attempted to buy the same kitten I did and filed a complaint for similar issues.

Russell –

Victim Location 80126

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The entity, Cordial Bengals, is offering to sell registered Bengal Kittens. The company only takes payment through Western Union as a cash transaction, hence there is no way to trace the fund transfer. I checked to see if the company was actually registered with The International Cat Association, which is the certifying entity for registered cat breeders, and it was not. I also looked up when the internet site was established and found that it was created only 11 days earlier. The company also provided me a mailing address in Springfield, MA which was not valid. I asked for the address a second time and the same invalid address was provided. Upon a third request a valid address was provided with a different street number and a corrected street name. I contacted the entity informing then that the offer appeared to be a scam and I was not planning to proceed unless they provided proof otherwise. They declined to do so. I would suggest that the evidence is that this is a scammer.



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