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Jorge –

Victim Location 96815

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called my husband’s number while his in work on March 20th of 2017. They leave a voicemail saying my name and I had a 2 allegation against me and they gonna pursuing me for my employment and residence. I called them back for five times and they kept hanging on me and this gives me a benefit of the doubt the last call I made and I spoked to the person named Jason. He had an attitude and he said thats he’s client I owe them a payday loan. And he’s threatening me that I will be arrested and go to jail. They will call my employer as well.

Please I want this people to be arrested. I don’t know what there talking about; I didn’t apply for a payday loan, I don’t know how they got my number, I don’t know How they got my Husbands number. March 21st of 2017 they called my Sister-in-law’s phone number and same message and the person who leave the voicemail named Luisa Rodriguez.

My health especially my blood pressure when up because this people calling and bothering me and they know my social number. I called them asking there address and the client that there talking about they cannot even give out. There to much and please I want them to stop and be in jailed.

Danielle –

Victim Location 68038

Type of a scam Debt Collections

someone from core resolution calls and asking for you and then state that company we represent will be taking you to legal proceedings due to unpayment. when I asked they inform olny that is was a debt from a GTI holdings from a payday advance. and they had an old bank account name and when I asked to have something in writing showing me they would email me the info, but never received the info when I called back they had caller id and stated that she would get me to the person who was handling my case, she stated that she doesn’t have anything in writing to send me or that it would be her job. and again asked her who the company name and when this supposably happen she stated that it was January 2013 was last payment and I have a balance of 620 dollars. I stated that well Take me to court, there is no info of this company Core resolution and the GTI holdings has been out of business since 2013.



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