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Devon –

Victim Location 29526

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

Company is Coreval S.r.l, supposedly based in Italy, and is a real estate investment firm. The name of the handler is: Skylar Cavalli Woman with a Russian accent. Phone number from Texas. You are hired as a real estate assistant ($5000/mo) or construction manager ($4000/mo).

First **"assignment"** was a one-pager of the real estate market in your city. So far so good.

Second **"assignment"** \- a detailed how-to instructions for cash … I’m playing along for now until I get my real job. Might as well give the fraudsters a sense of accomplishment too! They – unfortunately – are humans too ๐Ÿ™‚

**Here’s the email for the 2nd Assignment:**

A positive result of our work in the US and European markets was the signing of an Agreement with new US investor who have the purpose for investing money in real estate and construction market. As per an Agreement terms our client is entitled to choose one of the following payment methods: via a wire transfers, by check or a money transfer via P2P systems like MoneyGram or Western Union if there is a need to send money to our European branches. But in Europe we can process only the wire transfers and money transfers via P2P systems because the US checks aren’t acceptable in Italy. As our client have every right to make payment by check and as US checks cannot be cashed abroad as expediently as it can be in the US plus the network of our American banking subsidiaries is undeveloped yet and as we tend to service our clients in a most timely manner, we need this kind of assistance from our best US employees on an irregular basis.

In some cases our employees are sending money to our US Supervisor. Practically Supervisor is engaged in money accumulation in the US territory for the purpose of further distribution of all money: it’s either payment for services, or the conclusion of contracts with new suppliers, or sending money to head office, etc.Also you can go to Walmart or Walgreens to cash the check.

As part of your work duties you will assist us with processing advance payment by check from our client. Please, take your time to read it carefully because it contains the step-by-step instructions and you, as the new employee, have the chance to demonstrate your diligence and productivity which will greatly aid your career in our company.

THE FIRST STAGE (the process of getting payment):**

Our customer receives an invoice for services provided in the form approved by our company, he negotiates the amount of the first payment;

From our part we are appointing you, as the responsible employee, to support this assignment and further customer payment processing;

Our client sends the payment and copy of the invoice in an envelope through USPS to your home address, pre-paying for postage. The delivery takes 1-3 business days if there will be no any unintended delays (bad weather conditions, troubles in the USPS distribution centers, etc.)

The check will be from: The Farm***

The sum on it: $2461.41***

As soon as you get the payment by check you should cash it. It is worth noting that based on our practice, you can process the payment at Walmart or Check Cashing Desks, but they are not always cash personal checks. We recommend you to process payment at your or customer bank. Also you can deposit the check if your bank will not allow you to cash the payment in 1 business day, this procedure usually takes up to 48 hours.

You take your remuneration as per terms of your wage-plus-bonus remuneration system.

You send me a report that the customer’s payment was successfully cashed. After that I will prepare the instructions for sending money in accordance with the recommendations of our financial department: sending money to our company’s receiving manager based off in one of our representative offices in Europe (see an information about these countries in invoice once you get the envelope) via Money Gram or Western Union, or sending money to our US Supervisor. Once you get the instruction, you transfer the rest of received amount. All transaction fees are paid from the amount received.

The best case scenario for all concerned is, of course completing the transaction within 24 hours after reception. It will guarantee you the additional 5 percent of each processed check amount (to be added to your monthly pay) and help our company retain the reputation of efficiency by processing customer’s orders within 1-2 days. However sometimes banks need more time to clear the checks according to established bank policies. It means that you have to deposit the check to clear it. Please note that it’s your right and it shouldn’t raise any problems or prevent the completion of the transaction. In that case please inform us on the exact time it will take to clear the check and make the funds available to you.

This concludes the overview of your second assignment. Please, confirm you have read and understood these guidelines. We greatly appreciate your fast and timely performance in financial services. This process is time-tested, so no problems should occur if you strictly follow the instructions.


Personal Manager

Skyler Cavalli

tel:(805) 924-4040

Coreval Srl

Skyler sends emails from different email

[email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],

One last note their is a company Coreval S.R.L. in the Santiago, Dominican Republic



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