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Hillary –

Victim Location 44820

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Lady said her name was Stoney Buchanan and she worked for Cornerstone Advisors and her id number was 0812. She said my case number was 44820 and my Crawford County code was 44. The person knew for sure the last four digits of my SS Number and also my driver’s license number. She claimed I took out a loan which was never paid back for $300. She claimed I took it out while working at Walmart and a place that I’ve never even heard of which was Kurt Brothers Company. I have never worked at either place ever. She said it was a civil suit, not a criminal so if I wanted representation I would have to retain a lawyer on my own I couldn’t get one court-appointed. She also claimed that the only way to take care of it would be to one go to court and end up missing 5 days of work and pay over $1,000 worth of fines. The second option was to take care of it over the phone and the only payment Choice option I had was debit or credit card I could not send cash money order or go to them and pay it in full and they said they would break it up into two payments where I would only have to pay $124.50 two times and that would have owed me going to court and missing work and all that, but with me never work in those places and then they have never given me anything in writing, all of this is kind of throwing me off and I feel like it’s a scam since nothing really adds up.



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