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Caitlin – Mar 22, 2020

Victim Location 91304

Type of a scam Romance

Please help me, please!

I am a 64 years old. I am a victim of an internet romance scam fraud. I lost $875,000 to a romance scam. My entire life saving from my 401k retirement pension and I sold my rental property and cash-out refinanced my rental property are all lost.

After 15 year raise my adopted son alone and divorced, I decided to try online dating on

A man who name Dario Morretti

(Dario Moretti, Dario Lucio Morretti) 55years old, Italian background. We “met” on June 14,2019 on MATCH.COM.

We communicated through phone and texts (951-406-3306; 425-678-9564). [email protected]

Dario Morretti claimed to own a company called CORNERS STONE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ( HE is consultant of pipeline engineer & engineering and he is CEO in his own company.

He said he lived in California was from Florida around 2-3 years ago after a bitter divorce he moved to California with no children.

We continue exchanged texts and on the phone every single day and night since June 14,2019.

He made me believed that he was a successful hard working businessman. He made me believed that I was the one for him and I was his soulmate and he loved me and will marry me when he come back from his business at Port of Anchorage of Alaska.

On June 26,2919, Dari Morretti, he got a big contract on Alaska from a company named TransCanada Corporation. Then he immediately flew to Alaska to his business with his crew members.

While he was in Alaska but was having trouble of his bank account to pay for the materials ordered from Cambodia (PT CHANG METAL; [email protected]) for his oil drilling materials.

He showed me his bank account (City National Bank

He said he would put me with him as joint account and I would able to access his bank account and help with his business need. His bank account contained more than 3 million USD dollars.

But his account was frozend and unable to use.

He asked me to help him to pay to ship the materials through Cambodia to the Alaska of the USA and subsequently to help his order for the drilling materials. He promised will pay me back when he has completed his business.

Over the course of the 6 months, I sent him $870,000 for his materials and he promised to pay me back when he completed his project and we could get married as family and live happy life together.

I am 64 years old and I lost all my retirement money to this Fraud which he promised will pay me back but he never will pay me and he disappeared. Never call me and never phone me anymore. I only have his phone numbers.

He is a cold-blood Scammer and a heartless criminal. He broke my heart and robbed my bank account and all my retirement pension.

Please help to find this criminal Fraudulent Organization scammers. They might have done to other elderly lonely helpless ladies.



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