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Billy – May 08, 2020

Victim Location 60603

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Corporate Distributions has called an office number of ours twice a day since the beginning of January. This is an unmanned number. They sent us an invoice for $1400 saying we ordered some sort of Laser Jet cartridge from them. The invoice sent is was refurbished. They said we had a verbal contract for this. We did not as they call an unmanned number which is not routinely checked. The numbers called from where mainly UNKNOWN NUMBER. Apparently, this company sent us a gift card. We never received. Our building is under COVID lockdown and the packages are being held and logged by our security team. The security team never saw this package or at the very least, never logged it for my company – I have told them several times we did NOT receive a gift card. The scammers sent us a receipt saying the gift card was used. They gave us the gift card number and the pin for the gift card. They also said since it was used that means our contract was valid. Corporate Distributions then said we won’t charge you for $500 of your order so pay us $900. We had no order, there was no PO, we aren’t authorized to even order at this location. Two days ago, an employee picked a package up from the security team and it was the cartridges we didn’t order. She immediately shipped back. There is no agreement, no contract, company cannot product a contract or a PO for us. They will not communicate in writing. No one in my company is authorized to speak with them. Please see a 2018 complaint filed by us for a similar issue.



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