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Douglas – Jun 20, 2020

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! IT IS A SCAM! I ordered on April 12th and still have not gotten my order and they refuse to give me a refund. Every time I contact them, it’s “in transit.” When I tried to confront them on their fb posts, they deleted my posts and blocked me from commenting and messaging them. What kind of reputable company with nothing to hide does this?

Mark – May 13, 2020

Victim Location 14616

Total money lost $95.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I placed an order for couch covers from this company on 4/23/20. On 4/30/20 I received email notification that my items had shipped. There were tracking numbers that turned out to be fake. These numbers brought me to their website & stated the items were picked up, but there was no additional information available from the courier. After checking again over the next several days there was still no real tracking information. At this point I was able to find “real reviews” & could see that not one person had ever actually received their order. (Their site is full of reviews that I can only assume now were fake.) At this point I emailed requesting to cancel & be refunded. I am now getting the run around. I received an email this morning that my order had “been picked up.” This is what many other emails stated as well. This time, however, there was tracking from DHL showing that my order is in Hong Kong. This matches what other people had said. This all turned out to be fake as DHL confirmed those tracking numbers were not real. I emailed again today asking for a refund. I doubt I will ever receive one. Please look into this company as they are actively scamming people every minute of every day. They are stealing from people & taking advantage of this global pandemic. It looks as though this “Company” may have started right around the time of Covid19 becoming a health threat.

Nathaniel – May 28, 2020

I have had the exact same experience and before they started ignoring my emails and chats they told me pretty much the only way I would get my money back is to dispute it with my bank.



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