Coultas General Contracting Imposter

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Kathryn –

Victim Location 98312

Total money lost $2,600

Type of a scam Employment

I was applying for a job on I one click applied for a personal assistant job at Coultas General Contracting company. They said to forward my email to [email protected] I sent my email there and they emailed me a day or two later saying "we received your email and the job you applied for has been filled. But we have a job offer for a personal assistant with the "President" of the company. You are the only candidate to fit this position. Here is his email "[email protected]" send him your address and personal cell phone number if applicable. You have been selected for the job, welcome to the team. So I sent my information to him and he said "I have been out of town for the past couple weeks and will be out of town for a couple weeks more. Once I get back to the states we will meet and talk paperwork and taxes. But I need to donate some money to a orphanage right away so please I am going to send you a check and I want you to deposit it right away. I will tell you what you need to do with the money once its verified that you have it. So then he tells me he worked out a donation of gift cards to the orphanage and wanted to have me buy 20 $100 gift cards. I thought this was odd but was eager and excited because I felt like a sought after employee. Well, Monday came around and when I tried reaching him he didn’t respond. So I called the number I had for him and it went to voicemail saying "were sorry the textnow user you are trying to reach is unavailable please leave a message." And then I tried to call the company he was impersonating and they said they have no records of him and have no idea who he is. When I called the bank to report it, they said that the check was "returned not authorized" my account had been frozen and I will have to set up a payment plan to pay back the "return"



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