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Adrian –

Victim Location 97220

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I knew about this website and the seller by coincidence when i goggle search the place to buy a golden retriever. The website was prepared well with many information relate to golden and lab retrievers with testimonies of people who purchased the seller’s puppies in the past and withalot of pictures of the pups and people ( with golden retrievers. The sellertried to trick you believe that he or his family has over 30 years experience in breeding retrievers and selling the puppies as to rehoming them not for commercial. I contacted the seller by email after putting my email and my name through his website. There was a man claimed himself as Kevin and family sent me a long welcome email within 24 hours with 2 more pics of the puppy that i am interested with a very long purchasing agreement. On the agreement, there are the name of " Country Side Paws", contact infos such as the seller’s email and phone number, with alot of policy how to purchase a puppy including 90 day guarantee for return if the puppy has some health issues after getting him or her to a vet clinic for checkup. Everything seems so professional that you could not think the seller can be a scammer. Therefore, i contacted him back to discuss about purchasing Megan (the golden retriever) that i am interested to purchase for my son’s birthday. We mainly contacted by emails. He asked me to tell him my address and the desired date that i want him to transfer the puppy. I already gave him my address and told him that i would like Megan to be transported on May 5th since that would be my son’s birthday. He agreed to keep Megan for me. He instructed me to pay by Zelle but i told him i did not kow how to pay by Zelle, he then told me to send money by Walmart to Walmart. I asked him if he had any bank account that i could transfer to but he explained that his children and grandchildren do not have any bank accounts. So I asked him the info of the receiver, then there is another person email me back who claimed himself as Jason Grech and the same address on the agreement. He also told me to put on the form that i sent money to friend or family sincehe does not want to be taxed. On the same day, I sent him cash through Walmart and the picture of receipt. I asked him to confirm me if he received money or not. He replied me that "payment received" after i resent him another email for confirmation. I requested him to send me Megan’s paper and documents so that i can pick her up at the airport. He replied that there would be no document requirement since he will send all the hard docs with Megan. He will tell me the terminal when everything is arranged. He told me to bring my ID when i come to pick her up. I feel like there is something wrong. I sent him full payment already but there is no paper return for me to claim Megan is my puppy. I have not heard anything from him since then. I started feeling worried that i might be scammed. I asked my friend to contact him to ask about if Megan is still available for purchase since Megan is posted as available on his website until now. He then sent her back an email exactly like the one that he first sent me with the agreement and 2 pics of a golden retriever puppy. After that, on April 26th, I sent him another email to ask him if he could send Megan earlier (April 29th) than the desired date (May 5th). Besides, I asked him why Megan was still available on his website. I have not received any replies from him since then even after i sent another 2 emails to ask him why. I called the number on the agreement but no one answered. I checked the address on google map but it showed me the location of a wood. I used "beenverified" to check the phone number or the house address, there is no owner identified.

In conclusion, i know for sure that this seller is a professional scammer. I am afraid there are many victims of him already and will be more in the future. I totally understand that i could not get my money back. This is my lesson that i must learn for the future. I just want to warn other people not to get tricked by him.

I still keep all the emails between me and the scammer if you need them for further investigation.



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