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Jay –

Victim Location 21776

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This number first contacted me and my brother-in law back on 5/2. David Smith left a voicemail on my brother-in-laws phone stating they were looking for me to serve me a summons. I called the number and told it was a debt collection agency for a loan I took back in 2009. I hung up on them knowing I had no loans at that time. I called again 5/14/18 at 11:47 and Lindsay Tilman from County Mediation Services told me I was in violation of section 310 article 2 paragraph B. Malicious intent to not pay back a loan and evading. I asked what county she was from and she said Carroll County which is where I live. She had the last 4 of my social security number. My old address and an old employers name. I asked when the loan originated, she was unable to answer because my information was on the 3rd floor for processing. She said all she could tell me was the loan term ended 8/10/2010, the loan was for $501, but I know owed $2795.29, which included loan fees, court fees, and lawyer fees. We I asked who the loan was through, she stated it was a Payday loan and it ended up with CMG group. She had my email address and said multiple correspondence went to my old address and email address. She also stated that when the CMG tried to take the money out of my bank account from Wells Fargo it was in ROI status meaning it did not have enough funds. I asked if she had the bank account information and she said it was on the 3rd floor for processing and she could not pull it up on her computer. I looked up CMG group online and was not able to find them so I called Carroll County Circuit courts to verify that they were processing a summons. They looked up my name and social security number and was unable to find any pending or current court cases in the State of Maryland.



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