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Ana –

Victim Location 34608

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Man called could barely get his name from 352-754-7201 stated there was a summons to appear in court but could not give me any other info on the reason, but did know my social security # and my home address. He stated that he did not have any info on the reason but gave me another number to call County Services at 727-998-0645 and they could give me more info on the case pending against me. When I called the number the guy asked my name I gave him my name and he preceded to verify the last 4 of my social. I asked him what this was about and he then told me it was in regards to an online loan that I made in 2011 and only made one payment on. I told him I did not recall and he stated that the loan company is asking to resolve the amount of $1100 now or that I can precede by going to court. I stated I don’t have this amount of money so I guess they will have to go to court. he stated what do you mean you guess you’ll go to court? I responded, I will go to court and he became very irate and started telling me I was a liar and I need to pay the money I stole from these people, that I can’t pay what I stole but I could drive a new car with my husband and stated his name. Called me a liar and a piece of crap, that I was a thief and a [censored] and I should go back to New York where I came from instead of staying in Florida polluting the air and continue to call me a piece of crap and liar. Since I was answering him back and did not give in, he had no choice but to hang up on me. This same thing happened to my niece in Georgia but she got conned into the scam and was out $1000. The first call I received stated that someone will be coming by my house to serve me the summons. I will be gladly expecting them with my cell phone on hand to call the Sheriff’s office to file charges for harassment, if the supposed paper work is not legal. People be conscious. On another note, I know who I owe and surely not to them.



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