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Jessica – May 13, 2020

This is a scam and not real. They just try to take your money

Nathan – Apr 23, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I placed an order with this company through their website which was brought to me through Facebook. When I read all of their reviews, all of them seemed positive so I felt comfortable ordering a bassinet through them. I got an email confirmation directly after with a “track your package.” When tracking my package it said multiple times it was delayed. I ordered this back in December of 2019. It is now almost May 2020 and I have yet to receive the bassinet, sent in multiple emails to their support email, and now when I check the tracking it says “Oops something went wrong with this website. They took my money! Super frustrating!

Kellie – Mar 06, 2020

On December 22, 2019 I purchased a crib from for $65.99. I found them originally through a facebook business page, which has since been deleted due to the suspicion of spam. I was then provided a tracking number that did not work. It was a random string of letters and numbers. I contacted them again on December 29, 2019 and they responded once more, telling me that they were having issues with the tracking number. They spoke in broken english. I never heard from them again. I have reached out three more times and heard nothing. I contacted my bank at Wells Fargo and they did an investigation and tried reaching out to the company. They determined that it was fraudulent and reversed my payment. We have reported this company to many. All of their social media business pages have been deleted due to complaints. They also manually entered our credit card, which sent off red flags to our bank account. This website is still selling “products” and poor customers are still losing money. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Christina – Feb 18, 2020

Total scam site.

Ordered something, got a confirmation email and then a follow email when “my item shipped” with a tracking number. 3 months later, still haven’t received the item. Estimated delivery date (which was nearly two months ago) hasn’t changed, and none of my MANY emails have been answered.

Thankfully I was refunded by my bank.

Caroline – Feb 19, 2020

This happened to me too! I just issued a dispute with my bank. Im disappointed I was really looking forward to getting my bassinet!

Juan – Feb 14, 2020

HI I had the same expiereince, found this company through facebook the website seemed legit including the USA part on the top which made me think it was a US based company after purchasing it in beginning of jan I got a confirmation order and a tracking number however thats where it gets suspicious when you enter the tracking info to track the package it just takes you to a page that says order is on the way and eta of arrival nothing about current locations, etc. The del date has come and gone and i never received anything I sent them 3 separate emails and finally just filed it as fraud with my bank to get my money back . which my bank refunded me , and its been weeks and Cozee Center never responded to anything.

Candace – Feb 01, 2020

Same scenario so sad since this was the bassinet i loved. My bank investigated and refunded me it is definitely a scam.

Erin – Jan 29, 2020

I have the same experience. I bought the bed crib and a pillow beginning of January. It supposed to be delivered by now but it’s still delay. I send 2 emails but i had no response from them. Im gonna check with my bank if they can do anything and send a message to facebook that allows scammer like that.
Don’t trust that website

Roy – Jan 28, 2020

Victim Location 13603

Total money lost $85.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This "company" Cozee Center shared through their facebook social media page a product I was interested in buying at the beginning of this month. They advertised a bedside sleeper crib on sale, and in the comments all the reviews seemed positive. Initially the price for the crib seemed like a very good deal and I should have realized it was too good to be true. After reading the positive feedback on Facebook, which I am now assuming were fakes made up by the company as a part of this entire scam, I followed the link to The website seemed legitimate. The top of their page a guarantee of customer satisfaction or money back, and all the usual links/information you would expect to find from an online website. I saw nothing suspicious at that time that made me think twice before purchasing. I placed my order and took a screenshot with my phone of my order confirmation number showing the purchase was complete. I then made a second purchase for crib sheets to fit the crib from my first purchase. Soon after my bank account was charged for both purchases which amounted to $85.99 altogether. A few days later I was notified by my bank of a suspicious charge made with the same debit card I had used to make these purchases. Since I did not authorize the charge my bank quickly cancelled my compromised debit card before anything more serious could be charged to it. At the time I had no idea what I had done to compromise my debit card. I still believed the purchase I made from was legitimate. It was not for a week or more that I decided to try tracking my package that I realized something was not right. When putting in my order number their website says order cannot be found. The product I bought no longer even shows up on this website. I clicked the link for customer service and there is no phone number to contact, only an email for support is given. I have sent 3 separate emails to the one provided on the website with no answer or replies back. So I have received no product, with no way to track it after it has supposedly shipped, and no way to get in touch with a live customer service representative. When I went back to Facebook to try and see if I could get a response from one of their representatives on social media their page was gone. I even clicked the Facebook link on their website and it directs you to a Facebook link saying this page has been removed. Looking back it becomes clear that this company is running a scam, and providing them with my debit information was the big mistake that compromised my account information. It seems to me that I am now out over $80 for a product I will not be receiving. Hopefully reporting this can warn someone else from making the same mistake I made. Don’t buy from this company and do NOT give them your card information!

Javier –

This is the exact scenario I find myself in today. With my order, I received notice that the item was shipped and has since been delayed twice. Now, it is over the delayed until date and I have still not received the item. I am not getting a response via email either. I will be calling my bank as soon as I can.



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