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Ana – Feb 18, 2020

Victim Location 45415

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by someone out the blue about a job. My first thought was this is odd to get a text from a random person about a job. The person I replied to, said they wanted to interview me after telling me it was and online work from home position which was $28/hr. I asked was the interview video chat and they said no. They instructed me to down this app “band” where another person Mr Charles Holbert the employer asked you a series of question. Nothing to personal, they already had my phone number from the beginning (seeing how they contacted me), they ask for your address to send your checks and and email address to send you and offer letter of employment from “their account” the email name says Hillary Monroe. But their email address is [email protected] in which they sent a supposed start up check to buy the laptop you’ll need for the date entry job your supposed to be hired for. So your emailed a check for you to print off and mobile deposit into your account. I’m which my bank completely shut my account down no more than 30 mins after I had deposited it and it stayed closed for a whole week, couldn’t access my account online, or on the app, my debit card was on lockdown as well I had to wait and extra day past my payday from my two jobs just to withdraw my check money. Anyway, my bank said they suspended my account due to fraudulent activity as the $1970.50 check had bounced. After threatening to severed contact with the person I had been messaged to on the band app (Mr Charles Holbert) they swear they don’t know why the check returned, and promise compensation. Which I was curious how they were going to do that. So today they apparently discussed somethings with their accountant (Hillary Monroe) and want to wire the money to you instead. This is where I draw the line. I contacted ScamPulse.com and ask them to look them up and the supposed company is based out of Singapore and is a scam. Beware

Troy –

Victim Location 74112

Type of a scam Employment

They offered a job, sent an offer for me to sign and send back. Sent a check through email for me to deposit, which I didn’t. Then when I asked detailed questions and requested the check be sent through hr with a company email they bailed.



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