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Mario –

Victim Location 94508

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

Hello (my name),

We have completed our verification at both the Ministry of Finance and at the Financial institution branch where the account is held, I am glad to confirm that the account existence has been verified.Be advised that we shall be applying for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee without a Will, or a Letter of Administration to give you the legal rights to receive the funds without a Will since my late client only left a CODICIL to this regards . A codicil is a testamentary document similar but not necessarily identical to a will. In some jurisdictions, it may serve to amend, rather than replace, a previously executed will. In others, it may serve as an alternative to a will.

Your claim as confirmed at Paying bank includes the amount of $2 Million US Dollars existing in the dormant US Dollars account of late (Name of a person I don’t know) . (Deceased) This account is available at the bank as an existing dormant account. The bank has promised to present a statement of account to show all accumulated interest in this account since the last transaction Date . Any interest shown will be released to you along with the principal sum as your total inheritance. Your case file has been opened and here is your file number with our law firm, ######-######. Always quote your file number in all correspondence.

Having verified your claim and done the needed official introduction at the bank as your representing attorney, you need as a matter of obligation to obtain a Change of Ownership Certificate, Claim Affidavit. Probate Authorization Letter and or/Grant of Representation from the office of the Probate Registry and Law Courts since my late client did not leave such instruction in the paying bank Personal Data Securities during the account opening process. This is where our services are therefore required. You will be required to obtain a Certificate of Appointment of Estate trustee without a Will, or a Letter of Administration since you have not submitted a Will signed by (Name of a person I don’t know) This law firm will be completing the process for you.

We attached a change of ownership form and sworn claim affidavit document to this e-mail . (Please check attachment for forms)

Print out the forms , Fill them out meticulously and scan them back in response to this email message with a photo ID.

(Acceptable photo ID will be driver’s license or international passport)

Once we receive your response , we will proceed with the claim process with all required documents .


Lester Morgan



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