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Zachary – Jun 24, 2020

Type of a scam Employment

I signed up for a "marketing position" with Crazy Remote Media, who promised $300/month (paid weekly). However, after a couple of weeks with no payment to my PayPal, which I sent them the information for immediately, I followed up. They gave me the run-around for weeks, until they stopped responding to my emails altogether and have not followed up with a way to rectify the missing payment.

They’ve had access to my Facebook account for their own profit, yet have not compensated me for the access.

They owe me about $450 and have yet to pay me.

Tyler – Jun 13, 2020

How can we make these people accountable for this? In same situation as the others mentioned. Are there legal proceedings that can be done?

Douglas – May 11, 2020

Victim Location 28546

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Employment

I saw an ad to make $300 dollars without any work as a market researcher for social media on my newsfeed on Facebook, and immediately put my email address in for a follow up on all the details. This was around the end of March 2020 right before the rest of the states went into COVID-19 mandated "stay-at-home" orders were given, and everyone could feel the pressure of what was about to happen to our economy and livelihood. They basically preyed on this fragile and very severe state of the world in order to gain free access to your Facebook ad manager to conduct their own CRM research. After I received my first email back from "********" I was given a rundown of what their company was about and what they would ultimately need for me to do on my end in order to get $300 monthly pay broken down into "weekly payments every Friday before midnight". Which I was assuming would be about $75 a week. I had to answer these questions: Has your Facebook account been active for more than 1 year? Please send me a link to your Facebook account.

2- Have you ever used Facebook ads? If yes: has your account ever been flagged?

3- Have you lived in the US or Canada for 1+ years?

4- Please tell me which state/province and the city you’re from

And then wait for a response. I was also informed at this point that they pay for all the ads needed through my Facebook Ads manager, and "We’ll be posting ads of recipes, articles, memes…all the good stuff in the wellness field!The ads will never be tied to your name. None of your friends will see it. Nobody will ever know the ads are coming from you basically. Facebook keeps ads private and treats them as a separate entity. So your privacy is respected!" As a quick FAQ to square out any concerns.

Ok, I answered the questions and waited for the next email that then instructed me how to register under their company, install a "cookie" tracker "Edit this Cookie" for my Facebook Ads manager page, and then copy and paste it in my registration form with their company. Which can only be used in Google Chrome browser and I mostly use Safari. Once I did that, I was also informed at this time that: "1-Very very important: your FB account should always be auto-logged in on your chrome browser, meaning you should never log out to log into a different account. If there are multiple pc users, then make sure to create a “separate Chrome profile”. (Settings>Manage Other People>add Person)

2- We pay with PayPal every week.

3- Your personal Facebook account will NEVER get banned or compromised.

4- We will not have access to your personal account nor messages. We will be using the Ads Manager part of your account only:

5- You MIGHT see us chatting with Facebook Support, so don’t be alarmed!

6- Sometimes Facebook will prompt you. Don’t be alarmed, it’s normal! This is because we are using your FB Ads Manager from a different city.

7- We WILL be creating a Facebook Page in order to run ads so don’t be alarmed! And don’t delete the page!

If you do not meet the above requirements, unfortunately we cannot move forward with you, thank you for your time."

So they also needed your email address for PayPal in order to pay you weekly. Then it was time to wait for another email, and it was a confirmation saying that my application for registration in under the company was received, it will take 2 weeks for me to be processed in their payroll, I was guaranteed my first pay by April 10th, 2020 by midnight and every Friday after. I was also informed at this time that: "During your first week, we will be setting up your account, creating a Facebook Page, and verifying the health of your Ads Manager. So if you see any notifications, don’t be alarmed, it’s us 🙂

If ever you have ANY questions, I’m always here to answer em’!"

And, at that time there was need for me to respond to another email from them or do anything else. While waiting for my first pay, nothing was going on from my Facebook page or Ads manager that I could tell, and I stayed logged in on my Facebook page in my Google Chrome browser. So, I just kept an eye on things and went about my life and curiously I received the same initial response email I received when I first submitted my email about this "work" a few days later, and I made sure to respond and let them know they already sent me this email and we’ve aired been through the application process.They just responded saying: "Thank you very much for your quick reply! We received the information needed. No action is required from your end for now and don’t need to answer to this email.

But keep an eye out in case I send you an email for some help in the upcoming weeks. Regardless, your payments will be every Friday before midnight ??

If ever you have ANY questions, I’m always here to answer em’!"

When payday came I saw nothing, I told myself I’d wait until the following Monday to really take any action, but that’s when I decided to really do some research and digging on their company and found a subbreddit about them scamming people out of promising income. Someone was actually able to get a few dollars out of them after some effort, but most walked away with having to scrub their cookies, software, and complete Facebook accounts. I decided to write them a thorough professional email breakdown of the timeline of events, the money promised, and the money owned. I also invoiced both ******** and the company Crazy Remote Media, and the response I got was only from my invoice as per what people had mentioned on the subreddit: "Thank you for reaching out! I sent your request to our accounting department to resolve the issue. We usually receive an answer within 3-5 business days.

If there is anything needed from your side, I will contact you :)"

I sat and waited to see what will actually happen over the course of the month of April, and have not received any further interaction or contact from this company or ********  expect the same response to my PayPal invoice two more times. So, now I’m taking more deep action on this. I’ve gone through petty scams, spams, blocking people, reporting people, etc, before and I Idon’t think it should be taken lightly. Especially in a situation like this, where money has been promised on a timely basis for personal access while under the guise of guaranteeing safety for your privacy. I work as self employed person and work is even more slim nowadays, I could have really used $300 a month. Normally, I checked companies right away when I take interest in them but right now it’s not a time for second guessing too much on opportunities, and they toke advantage of that.

Danny – May 21, 2020

What did you have to do in order to deny them access? I’ve just completed this “sign up” process and decided to further investigate “after the fact” …help!

Olivia – Apr 24, 2020

Victim Location 92058

Type of a scam Employment

After multiple attempts at getting paid they still refuse to pay and keep ignoring people.

Curtis – Apr 10, 2020

Victim Location 79756

Type of a scam Employment

Would offer to pay you to run ads on your Facebook account then never pay you for it then gives you the run around when asking for payment. I have been waiting since the beginning of March to be paid

Heidi – Apr 04, 2020

Type of a scam Employment

This company promised employment for $300 a month (salary). I paid no money but needed to give them information about my PayPal account. For security reasons, no money is kept in this account. I was told that I would be paid every Friday starting on the 27th of March. I sent an email to let them know what happened and was reassured that I would receive my money on 04/03 before midnight. I did not receive any funds. I tried sending emails and messages on Facebook and they must have disabled their account or changed names.



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