Creative Carpet Repair

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Lori –

Victim Location 93013

Type of a scam Other

Creative Carpet Repair is nationwide. They claim to be in dozens of cities throughout the country, locally. They have different phone numbers with local area codes that all dial to their call center in California. They have dozens of websites customized to each of the cities they claim to be locally in. Steve Gordon, the owner, claims that he is "your local carpet repair expert" with pictures of him standing in front of a fake picture of the city. When you call the company, you reach their call center in California and the people on the phone lie about where they are. They demand your zip code and then claim to be in your city or one close to you. This business is dependent on deceiving customers. On Google Plus and Google itself, they have addresses and locations as to where they are, but once again, those are the fake locations. You can search Google for "creative carpet repair + any city" and a different city, phone number, and other information will pop up. For example, run this link and then see the attached image:…



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