Credence Resource Management

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Natasha –

Victim Location 95128

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I noticed a bunch of unknown phone calls from the 206 area code (greater Seattle area). Today I picked up and spoke with some guy with a thick Indian accent heavily breathing into the phone. There was a lot of chatter in the background and ringing. His name was "Ethan Baker." He talked about an ambulance ride bill that I didn’t recall. Plus I have double insurance coverage and auto insurance/always have.

It was strange. I asked for a copy of the bill to be sent to my email. Still haven’t received anything. I wanted the original copy of the hospital bill as well, since I never received one and pay all my bills on time and have an excellent credit rating. Checked my credit report this evening and saw they made a credit inquiry. No outstanding debts on my file however.

So apparently when you call you get an automated message saying "Thank you for calling." Also the website has private registration protection. Although they are registered in Texas and Maryland — they are in fact based in Pune, India.

Kristina –

Victim Location 91326

Type of a scam Phishing

A person calls with an accent from another country and it’s a bad connection. It sounds like the call is coming from another country as there is static and white noise yet, they had an 805 area code. It was very suspicious. This happened twice. Both times they told me they were with "Credence Resource Management". I ask if they are a collector or selling something or what is the reason for their call. Both times they say that they can’t tell me anything unless I verify my address. I’m not going to verify or give info to a stranger, especially in this situation. To this date, I still don’t know who they were or what they wanted.



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